"2nd Floor Audio - Stepping Up to Recording Excellence!"

3 Elegant YAMAHA Concert Pianos to Choose from!


Welcome to the 2nd FloorAudio website.  Hello, this is Ken Boome, owner of 2nd Floor Audio.  In addition to being Managing Director of the Studio, I’m also a working/practicing: pianist/synthesist, engineer, producer, writer and arranger.

Many projects have been completed at 2nd Floor Audio in the last 13 years and we are very proud of them.  Click on any of the mp-3 files throughout the website to listen to some of the recordings completed at 2nd Floor.

Instruments at 2nd Floor Audio

INSTRUMENTS at 2nd Floor

1 YAMAHA C7e 7’4″ Concert Grand

1 YAMAHA AVANTGRAND Hybrid Digital Piano

1 YAMAHA CP1 Digital piano

1 YAMAHA Motif XF8

1 Roland JV-5080 Synth Rack

1 Roland FANTOM-X Synth Rack

5 KX Controllers 25/61/88

1 Roland TD30 V-Drum Set
  (Full) with V-KICK (All DW Hardware)

Recording Environments

2nd Floor Audio has 4 main rooms connected by large sliding glass doors.

  • Main Room for Pianos and Drums,
  • Vestibule ISO tracking room,
  • Console Room (live tracking in back)
  • Scratch Vocal Room or Amp Room.
  • Cantilevered Porch on 2nd Floor for Meals, Telephone, Smoking
  • Private Restroom (2nd Floor)
  • Dumb Waiter in Loading Dock Area (1st Floor)
  • Private Rehearsal / Warm-Up Room (1st Floor)
  • Office Area –Large counter space for Music Assembly/ Copy Machine (1st Floor)

Multi Media Bar

“2nd Floor Audio is where I get my creative ideas out of my head sounding the way I want them to. Relaxed atmosphere and up-to-date equipment!” Dennis Cavalier

      “2nd Floor Audio is where I get my creative ideas out of my...

“2nd Floor has the best acoustic piano that I’ve ever played in any studio. Plus, the environment was perfect!”  Dave Williams

” I suppose that there’s nothing as intimidating for artists as creating a...

“Ken Boome is an amazing musician and person. He did the recording, editing, accompaniment, and even helped me arrange my first original song”.  Kristen Coleneri -April 2012

Ken Boome is an absolute professional and dream to work with! I recorded my first CD...

“As an engineer, he was devoted to perfection and he really committed to going the extra mile.” Heather Jewel 2012

 “My experience at Second Floor Studio was quite fantastic! The recording...

2nd Floor Audio has acquired 3 World class Yamaha pianos for recording.

Tucked away in East Dallas is 2nd Floor Audio.  Owner Ken Boome has acquired 3 World...